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Stainless Steel Titanium Copper Alloy Clad Sheets and Plates Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Titanium Copper Alloy Clad Sheets and Plates Manufacturer

Cladding Spec: Explosive Clad Plate as per ASTM A263, A264, A265, B898, B432
Base Material: Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Clad Material: Stainless Steel, Copper Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Titanium, Zirconium etc.
No of Layer: Two layers, three Layes, Four Layers
Size of the Products in the picture: Titanium Gr.1 + Carbon Steel SA516 Gr.70 8+125x4800mm dia


Stainless Steel Titanium Copper Alloy Clad Sheets and Plates Manufacturer


We are reliable supplier of serveal types of Stainless Steel Titanium Copper Alloy Clad Sheets and Plates with , which has been applied in Vaccum Salt Making Industry, Food Machinery etc. We have ISO9001 certificates and other quality certificates and our products are well received in Europe, Middle East, North America, South East Asia, Korea markets etc..

Clad steel is a composite product developed to provide effective and economic utilisation of expensive materials. The cladding layer which will be in contact with the corrosive fluids is made of the corrosion resistant alloy whilst the less expensive backing steel provides the strength and toughness required to maintain the mechanical integrity. Because high strength backing steel can be utilised, wall thicknesses can be reduced relative to solid CRAs thus reducing fabrication time and costs.

Under rapid upgradation of the weapon equipment, growing demand for the performance of weapon materials such as high strength, low weight, tresist-high temperature or low temperature, the clad plates may meet different performance even need by two kind or many kinds of materials. The advantage of clad materials is the end product combines the superior properties of each metal: Strength, Corrosion Resistance, Lightweight, Cost, Thermal and Electrical Conductivity. As a result, clad products produce a material superior to any of the individual metals taken alone.

Parameters of clad sheets and plates:

Thickness of Substratum: 3.0-39.5mm

Thickness of Clad: 0.5-5.0mm

Total thickness: 3.5-40.0mm

Delivery width: ≤2800mm

Delivery length: ≤13000mm

Product Details:

Clade Sheets and Plates/ Clad Head/ Clad Elbow/ Clad Pipe as per ASTM A263, ASTM A264, ASTM A265, ASTM B898, ASTM B432

Base Metals

Pressure Vessel Carbon Steel Plate A516, A285, SA-516, SA-285, etc

Pressure Vessel Low Alloy Steel Plate A387, SA-387, P235 GH, etc

Structural Carbon Steel Plate A36, A283, S235 JR, P355 NH, P355 NH1, etc

Clad Metals

Stainless Steel 304L, 316L, 317L, 321, 347, 405S, 410S, 430, 904L, 2205, etc

Titanium Alloys Gr1, 2, 7, 11, etc

Nickel Alloy 200, 201, 400, 276, 600, 825, etc

Copper and Copper Alloy C70600, C71500



Spherical Tank, Reaction Column

Chlor-alkali Chemical Industry

Vaccum Salt Making Industry

Food Machinery   

Product Feature:

Copper Clad Plate          Titanium Clad Plate


Package and Delivery:

Titanium Clad Plate          Copper Clad Plate

If you are satisfied with our stainless steel titanium copper alloy clad sheets and plates manufacturer, please be free to place orders with our factory. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have many quality products for sale at your choice. Welcome to enjoy our competitive price and service.

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