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DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes

DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes

Product:DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes
Tube Material: Carbon and Alloy Steel, Ferritic Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel
Fin Material: Carbon and Alloy Steel, Ferritic Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel
Fin Size: 19~219 mmOD for Plain Tube, 32mm Height Max, Fin Pitch: min 4mm for solid Fin and 3.3mm for Serrated Fin
Length: 18 Meters max


DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes


DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes | Square-shaped finned tube is made of metal material for casing, filler oxide powder for insulation and thermal conductivity, electric wire for heating, through advanced production equipment and technology, and carried out strict Of the quality management made. The process is in the electric tube tube around the metal heat sink, from the expansion of the cooling surface, increasing the role of heat dissipation.

The shape of the square-shaped finned tube is similar to that of the ordinary round finned tube. It has the advantages of small heating element, fast heating, uniform heating, good heat dissipation and high thermal efficiency under the same power condition, Long life, low cost advantages. Commonly used in static and mobile air heating.


DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes | Square Finned Tube Parameters:

1. Voltage: 12-660V;

2. The surface load: 1-4w / cm2, the specific circumstances of the specific design;

3. Square fins: 50 * 25mm;

4. Shape: straight bar, U type;

5. The installation interval: between the tube and tube more than 20mm.


DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes applications:

DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes | Square-shaped finned tube products in oven, electric cabinet load, drying room, industrial furnace, air conditioning equipment, fixing machine, heater, duct, tunnel heating, car, textile, food, , Home appliances and other use, especially in the air conditioner air curtain industry has been widely used.



DC ERQ H/HH Fin Tubes

Base tube Material:Carbon Steel Tube, Alloy Steel Tube

Fin Material:Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel as per SA515 Gr.70, Ferritic Stainless Steel as per SA240 409

Product details:

High Fin Tube                High Fin Tubes

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