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Characteristics and applications for Martensitic and Dual-phase tubes
Feb 01, 2018



Stainless steel grade




410S, 410, 0Cr13, 1Cr13

Hardness is great but not suitable for harsh corrosive environment; Good machinability, hardness increases through heat treatment.

Blades, mechanical parts, oil refining components, bolts and nuts, pump lever and tablewares.

420J2, 2Cr13

Hardness increase after quenching, anti-corrosion (magnetic)

Tablewares(knives), turbine blades.

420J2, 3Cr13

Hardness increase more than 420J1 after quenching (magnetic)

Blades, nozzles, valves, steel rulers, tablewares(scissors, knives)



00Cr22Ni5Mo3N, S31803

Rich in molybdenum and nickel, some contains copper and tungsten, good anti-corrosion and mechanical properties.

Components used in oil refining, chemical fertilizer, papermaking, petroleum and other high temperature and corrosive chemical industry.

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