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Choice of the welding material
Mar 02, 2018

When welding the stainless clad plates, the mechanical properties and characteristic of the cladding material must be protected to ensure the corrosionnd crack resistance. Generally, the cladding layer and the base layer should be welded separately. Welding material and welding methods accord with corresponding material. The boundary between the base material and cladding material usually requires transition layer welding. When choosing the cladding material, the principle is to ensure the content of the alloy elements in the deposited metal is no less than the minimum value specified in the cladding material standards. Recommended welding material for the transition layer: 25%-13% Ni type or 25% Cr-20%Ni type to compensate the attenuation from the base layer. As for the clad plates with molybdenum in the cladding material, 25-12% Ni-Mo type electrods are recommended.

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