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Comparision of direct extrusion and indirect extrusion for Aluminium tubes
Jul 12, 2018

Direct Extrusion:

Relative motion takes place bewteen materials and extruding container with the frictional loss.


Direct Solid Extrusion


Direct Extrusion Pipes

Indirect Extrusion:

Material and extruding container moves simultaneously in the same direction with no friction, even metal flow and little extrusion stress.


Indirect Solid Extrusion


Indirect Extrusion Pipes

Indirect Extrusion has the following advantages:

  1. During the indirect extrusion process, the extrusion force remains constant throughout the full stroke of the extrusion bar.It is possible to extrude the deformable material at a relatively low temperature with a relatively high extrusion coefficient.     

  2. Meatal deformation evenly, along the length of the extruded procuct on the structure and mechanical properties are basically the same. 

  3. For the indirect extrusion of the billet must be peeled, it signficantly reduce the probaility of product defects in the extrusion process,improve the yield and shorten delivery time.

  4. The product has no tail ,the coarsecrystal ring is small, the internal organization structure is optimized and 100% has no welding line.

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