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Hot rolling technical parameter and technical process
Nov 30, 2017

1. Technical parameter

Raw material specification: 130, 150, 180, 200, (remain 230 ), Length: 1500~3200mm weight: max 870kg

Raw tube: ¢130-245mm, length: max 9000mm

Wild tube: ¢130-230mm, length: max 11000

Finished tube: ¢88.9-219mm, wall thickness: 6-40 mm, length: max 12500mm


2. Technical Process

Rolling pipe is extending the perforated raw tube through the expanding the wall thickness and reducing the diameter, keeping the same diameter and reducing the wall thickness or shortening the diameter and reducing the wall thickness, then we can get the accuracy of wall thickness and  smooth interior and exterior surface quality which meets the process requirements. 

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