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Main technical performance of high frequency welded spiral finned tube
Nov 30, 2018

The high frequency welded spiral finned tube is a new type of high efficiency heat exchange component. The high-frequency welding process is used to use the high-frequency power source as the heat source, and the steel strip and the steel tube are simultaneously heated instantaneously, and then passed through the condensing system to be welded and integrated into one body, which has high heat exchange efficiency, large heat dissipation area, long service life and temperature range. Wide, subject to high pressure and other characteristics. Tested by the National Welding Materials Testing Center and the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the welding performance and thermal performance of this product are both leading domestically.

The high-frequency welding tube tube radiator overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional heat sink in the production process, such as labor intensity, consumables, serious environmental pollution caused by sanding, single shape and difficult to clean during use. The raw material of the product is steel. The electricity is the driving force in the production process. It has no pollution, no pollution, light weight, less consumables, simple process, easy operation, and is not easy to cause production accidents. Welding uses high frequency welding, no arc, no dust, static electricity. Advanced spraying equipment and waste recycling not only avoid air pollution, but also save materials. The working environment of the workers is good and there is no harm to the body. In the process of use, due to the small amount of water, the heat dissipation effect of the finned tube is good, and the user cannot add the film and discharge water at will, thereby reducing the heat source loss and saving a lot of water and raw coal. Compared with other radiators, this product has achieved comprehensive energy saving of 30% compared with other radiators, and has made outstanding contributions to resource protection and environmental protection.