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Manufacturing Process and Application of Clad Plate
Nov 02, 2017

Manfacturing process of explosion clad plate:

1. Prepared for explosive:

Mechanical properties test, Flaw detection, Cutting, Welding clad plate, PT, Polishing and so on.

2. Explosive clading:

Base prepared, Loading base and clad, Dispose explosive, Detontation and so on.

3. Process after explosive:

UT, Welding, Heat treatment, Leveling, UT recheck, Cutting, Acid-washing, Polishing, Packing and delivery and so on.

Applications of explosion clad plate:

1. Petrochemical

2. Vacuum salt-making

3. Chlor-alkli

4. Food machinery

5. Pressure vessels

6. Storge tanks

7. Aviation and aerospace industry

8. Medical machinery

9. Light industry

10. Heavy industry

11. Cookware industry

12. Shipbuilding industry

13. Electrical power industry

14. Paper industry

15. Automotive industry

16. Low temperature

17. Engineering industry and so on

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