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Product features of stainless steel clad plates
Feb 08, 2018

1. Roll-bonded clad plates possess advantages of both the base and the cladding materials, they are corrosion-resistant, abration-resistant, anti-magnetic and decorative, at the same time, they are good machinability, weldability, formability, ductility, and thermal-conductivity. This product can be used to increase strength, regidity and reduce structural weight.

2. As a new generation environment-friendly product, it reduces the project investment by cutting down the usage of precious metal while maintaining advantages of stainless steel, a perfect combination of high performance and low cost.

3. The size of our stainless steel clad plates can reach 4000 width and 15000 length with the cladding material thickness of 0.5-5mm. Thickness of both base material and cladding material can be customized as required.

4. To achieve the best efficiency, large-scale medium-plate mill is used to produce our clad plates. Unlike the explosion-bonded clad plates, rolled clad plates can be continuously manufactured without weather restriction, so large quantity supply ability is ensured to accelerate job progress.

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