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Stainless steel clad plate
Feb 06, 2018

Stainless clad plate is a category of metallurgically bonded material with a base material of carbon steel and a cladding material of stainless steel. The base material guarantees the strength while the cladding material provides the properties of anti-corrosion , abrasion resistance, apperance, and long lifespan. This material can be used in the manufacturing of corrosion-resistance pressure vessels, bridge from boards, liner plates etc. Comparing to the conventional lining or coating materials, the performance and lifespan are greatly improved.

In the clad plates, the expensive stainless steel is used as the cladding material, and the relatively cheap carbon steel is used as the base material. Comparing to stainless plate of the same thickness, the stainless clad plate has better strength and lower price. The clad plate products are widely used in the oil, chemical, food, medical, metallurgical, mechanical, water, power and environment industries.

The hot-rolled stainless clad plate can be manufactured continuously without the environment limitations, and the product quality is much more stable than that of the explosive bonded plate. The bonding strength reaches 270Mpa and the bonding plate rate is at 100%. Meanwhile the mechanical properties of the rolled stainless clad plate are improved by the temperature, rolling and cooling control methods.

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