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Titanium Clad Plate and Stainless Steel Clad Plate
Oct 11, 2018

Titanium clad plate

Titanium steel clad plate is a new clad material obtained by compounding titanium plate and carbon steel plate by rolling technology. Pure titanium is widely used in various chemical reactors, heat exchangers, power plant chimneys, etc. due to its excellent corrosion resistance, but the cost is too high. The titanium steel clad plate not only has the corrosion resistance of the titanium plate and the mechanical properties of the carbon steel plate, but also greatly reduces the cost. Material: Q235B+Ta1, Q235B+Ta2; Usages: heat exchanger, chimney steel lining, steel inner cylinder, chimney anti-corrosion transformation.

Stainless steel clad plate

The stainless steel clad plate is a clad steel plate which is a combination of a carbon steel base layer and a stainless steel layer as a clad layer through a special manufacturing process (patented technology). Its main feature is that carbon steel and stainless steel form a strong metallurgical combination, which can be processed by hot pressing, cold bending, cutting, welding, etc and has good process performance. The base material of the stainless steel clad plate can be made of various ordinary carbon steels or special steels such as Q235B, Q345B, Q245R, and Q345R. The stratified material may be various grades of stainless steel such as 304 (L), 316 (L), 310S, 1Cr13, 202, and 321. Material and thickness can be combined freely to meet the needs of different users.