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Welding instructions
Mar 09, 2018

Preparation before welding: In the process of blanking, it’s recommended to use machining for cutting and beveling. The cut surface should be smooth, when cutting with a shearing machine, the cladding layer should be on the top, and the cladding layer should be kept clean of any slag or scrap. The beveled edges and the 20mm width of surface on their sides should be cleaned by mechanical and chemical means, Grease, rust, metal scrap, beveled edges. The weldments should be assembly based on the cladding layer, the alignment tolerance should be kept below half of the cladding layer thickness and below 2 mm. Always measure based on the thinner plate when welding plates of different thickness. Tack welding should be done on the base layer, and the welding material should be according with the base material. 

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