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Welding material of stainless steel clad plate
Sep 19, 2018

Welding material of stainless steel clad plate


1. Scope of use

The process is applicable to the welding of stainless steel composite plates with various stainless steels as composite materials, low carbon steel or low alloy steel as the base material with total thickness greater than or equal to 4 mm.


2.1 Welding material selection principle


2.1.1 The selection of the composite material shall ensure that the content of the alloying elements of the deposited metal is not lower than the lower limit specified in the standard of the composite material.


2.1.2 The welding layer of the transition layer should be 25%Cr-13%Ni or 25%Cr-20%Ni to supplement the dilution of the base layer. For the clad layer molybdenum-containing stainless steel composite board, 25% should be used. 13% Ni-Mo type electrode.