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Which parameters in the finned tube have an effect on the amount of heat dissipation?
Dec 29, 2018

1. Contact thermal resistance

The impact is very large, if the contact thermal resistance is not good, then the impact on heat dissipation will reach more than 20%.

2. Fin height

As the fin height is increased, the heat dissipation area is increased, thereby increasing the amount of heat dissipation. However, this cannot be blindly increased, but also considers the aspect of dimensional rationality.

3. Fin Pitch

If the fin pitch becomes smaller, the heat dissipation amount will increase, but the smaller the better, the smaller the pitch will have an adverse effect. Therefore, it is generally quiet, the two tubes are 3-4 mm, the four tubes are 4-5 mm, and the six tubes are 5-6 mm.

4. Fin tube diameter

As the fin diameter increases, the heat dissipation will increase, but it also has some drawbacks. If the fin height is relatively small and the chip spacing is relatively small, then the pipe diameter should also take into account the rationality.

5. Number of fins

Increasing the number of fins, although it can also increase the amount of heat dissipation, but it will increase the cost, etc., so it is not very economical to consider economically.