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SA516 GR70+SB265GR.1 Clad Plate Inspection
Sep 08, 2017

Last week, our explosion titanium clad plates ordered by our India customer were completely ready. Inspector from our QC team represented our customer to inspect the goods. The results of all tests are fine. And the clad plates have been shipped and delivered to India by sea. More inspection details and pictures are as follow:


Inspection Date: Sep 2nd 2017



Clad plate as per ASTM B898 Class B

SA516 GR70+ SB265GR.1

(29+5) x 2150 Dia x 8 PCS


Pictures as follow are after heat Treatment:

Clad Plates after heat treatment.jpg

1. Thickness checking: (as per ASTM B898 B and Customer requirement)

Base Plate thickness: -0/+6.4mm

Cladding Plate thickness: -1.5mm/+50%

Clad plate PT checking

Clad plate PT TEST

Clad plate PT TEST

Clad plate thickness checking

Inspection Result: Cladding thickness between 4.80~4.95mm

Total Thickness: 34.52~35.86mm


2. Diameter checking: -0/+20mm

Diameter Checking

Diameter Checking

3. Flatness checking:

Flatness test

Flatness test

Flatness tolerance: 9.7mm/1830mm as per standard

Result: 5mm/ whole plate


4. UT checking:

Clad plate UT TEST

Clad plate UT TEST

Conclusion: Conforms to the standard as per ASTM A578 Class B.

5. Chemical analysis:

Chemical analysis.JPG

6. Mechanical test:

Mechnical test.JPG

7. Impact test:

Impact test.JPG