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Extruded Fin Tube Inspection
Oct 11, 2017

Extruded fin tubes

Extruded Fin Tubes 2.jpg


The fins are formed by rotary cold rolling a smooth, thick walled aluminium tube which has been slid over a core tube (of the required material specification). The aluminium is extruded upwards and progressively and uniformly thinned until screw like fins of the required profile are formed. This rolling process produces an exact and accurate connection between the core tube and the finned outer jacket producing good heat transfer conditions. An additional advantage is that the aluminium finned jacket provides complete protection of the core tube against atmospheric corrosion.


Material and specification: 

Base tube:SA179, 25.4 x 2.11 x 9144 x 4000PCS

Fin tube:Al 1060, 57.15 X 0.4 X 9044 X 10FPI


Finished products are as follow: 

Extruded Fin Tube.jpg

Extruded Fin Tube2.jpg

Size checking:

The OD, FPI, Fin Length and thickness must conform to customer’s requirements and the standard.

 Fin Tube Size Checking.jpg

Results: satisfactory.


Packages and delivery:

Plastic cloth protected each layer of fin tube and meanwhile we have to consider the moisture absorption.

Steel Frame Wooden Box Package

Extruded Fin Tube Package 2_副本.jpg

Extruded Fin Tube Package_副本.jpg

Container loading:

 Container Loading.png


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