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Inspection Of SA516 GR70+SA265 GR1 Titanium Clad Plate
Sep 14, 2018

Titanium clad plate

Material: SA516 GR70+SA265 GR1

Spec: (32+6)x2900x2900x4pcs

Standard: as per ASTM B898 A

Length checking:

Length checking

Standard value: -0/+20~30mm

Actual value: 2922~2927mm

Length Checking .jpg


Width checking:

Standard value: -0/+20~30mm

Actual value: 2922~2928mm

Width checking .jpg

 Thickness checking:

Total Thickness tolerance: -1/+6mm

Actual value: 40.8~41.6, 40.5~41.6, 40.6~42.4, 41.2~42.6mm

Thickness Checking 2 .jpg

Thickness Checking .jpg

Clad thickness checking:

Clad thickness tolerance:-0.75/+3mm

Actual value: 5.72~5.89, 5.70~5.84, 5.68~5.82, 5.74~5.91mm

Clad Thickness Checking .jpg

Flatness checking:

Flatness: 6.3mm/m max

Actual Result: 2.5 to 3mm/m max

Flatness Checking 2 .jpg

Flatness Checking.jpg

Flatness Checking 3 .jpg

Mechanical test sample:


Standard≥21%,  Actual value: 28~32%

Mechanical Test Sample .jpg

Shear test specimen:

Standard: Shear strength≥140Mpa

Actual value: 214~267 Mpa

Shear Test Specimen .jpg

Tension test specimen:

Yield strength:

Standard≥260 Mpa,     Actual value: 439~471Mpa

Tensile strength:

Standard: 485~620Mpa,  Actual value: 545~615Mpa

Tension Test Specimen .jpg


UT testing:

UT Standard: SA578 Level A               Test method: Back reflection

Examination rate: 100% Scanning      Couplant: water

Result: all the testing results are satisfactory and conform to the above specification. 

UT Testing .jpg

UT 2.jpg


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