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SA516 GR70+SB443 N06625 Clad Plate Inspection
Sep 22, 2017

Explosion Clad Plate Inspection Report


Inspection Date: Sep 20th 2017

Products: Clad plate as per ASME SA265 Standard

Material: SA516 GR70+SB443 N06625

Size: (3+34) x 2130 x 5860 x 5 PCS

          (4+40) x 2330 Dia x 5 PCS

          (3+8) x 1850 x 6500 x 5 PCS

          (4+10) x 1755 Dia x 5 PCS

Finished products are as follow: 

Clad Plate 1.jpg

Clad Plate 2.jpg

1. Chemical analysis (as per SA516 GR70 and SB443 N06625 Standard )

Cladding Metal—The nickel or nickel-base alloy cladding metal specified shall conform to the requirements as to chemical composition prescribed for the respective metal.

Base Metal—The base metal shall be carbon steel or low-alloy steel conforming to the ASTM specifications for steels for either pressure vessels or general structural applications. The base metal shall conform to the chemical requirements of the specification to which it is ordered.

Chemical Analysis.jpg

Result: Test results are satisfactory and confirm to the standard as per SA516 GR70 and SB443 N06625 standard.

2. Size checking:

Width and diameter: Standard value: -0/+11~25mm, Length: Standard value: -0/+16~38mm

Clad Plate Size Checking 2.jpg

Clad Plate Size Checking 3.jpg


Result: Conform to the ASME SA265 Standard.


3. Thickness checking:

Clad thickness: -0.8 mm, Total thickness: -0.3/+3mm


Result: Clad thickness actual value: 2.55~2.95mm(nominal 3mm), 3.55~3.85mm(nominal 4mm), total thickness: 38.0~39.0mm(nominal 34mm), 11.8~12.8(nominal 8mm), 45.0~46.0(nominal 40mm), 14.8~15.8mm(nominal 10mm), conforms to the standard.

4. Flatness checking:

Flatness: 7-8mm/m as per ASME SA265 Standard

Flatness Checking.jpg 

Straightness Checking.jpg

Result: Passed


5. Mechanical Properties:

As per the standard of SA265 and specimen tested as per one lot of same material and same thickness. Yield strength≥260Mpa, Tensile strength≥260Mpa, Elongation≥21%, Shear strength≥140Mpa

Mechanical Test Samples.JPG

Mechanical Test.JPG

Result: Yield strength: 334~385Mpa, tensile strength: 489~548Mpa, Elongation: 29~35%, shear strength: 274~344Mpa, all tests are passed.

6. Impact test:

Impact test on base material in transversal direction at -5 ℃ with min 27J

Impact Test.jpg 

Result: impact strength: 98~110J


7. Penetrate test:

Testing area: welding seam of the clad material

Types of penetrant: Solvent- removal penetrant

Testing standard: ASME VIII Div.1 Appendix8

Penatrate Test.JPG

Penetrate Test.JPG

Result: Satisfactory

8. UT checking:

Standard : ASME SA 578 Level B for Base material and AMSE SA 265 Class 3 for bond quality.

Test method: black reflection

Couplant: water

Examination rate: 100% scanning



Result: Satisfactory


9. Marking

The plates shall be marked in accordance with the requirements of Specification A6/A6M or A20/A20M for the backing steel as applicable, the cladding alloy designation, and this specification number.

Spec of both base material and clad material, Size, Plate No, Low stress stamp, on the clad plater side or base material surface. 



10. Package and shipment

Package and Flat Rack Container loading.JPG

After shipment, the clad plates will be soon delivered to Shanghai seaport and waiting for sailing.