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Aluminium Tubes 2024 7075 Manufacturers

Aluminium Tubes 2024 7075 Manufacturers

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Product Introduction:

Aluminium pipes and aluminium tubes are mostly used for various commercial or development programs, but property owners and auto producers are also fast admiring the use of aluminium pipe and tube, and they have adapted it for common household applications. Using aluminium tube or pipe can save you a lot of money as it is a less heavy and less expensive substitute to steel or iron pipes.


We depend on our professional level and proven technique in aluminum processing industry to manufacture 2 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series of alloy aluminum tubes. The OD of seamless aluminum tubes is at the range of 8mm-125mm, and large diameter seamless aluminum tubes is approx 300mm-1400mm. Our aluminum tubes are well sold all over the world and widely used in all industries as Electronic, Oil Field, Marine, Naval Industry, Automotive industry etc.


Some samples for Aluminum tubes of 2024, 7075, 7022 as below: 

2024 Tubes

2024 Sampls

7055 7022 samples


Aluminum alloy pipe is widely used in the field of electronics, communications engineering. We use the indirect extrusion in production of high quality seamless alloy tube, which can be applied in electronic imaging equipment (such as laser printers, tax machines etc) photosensitive drum, heating roller and other components. The Features of this kind of tube is Good oxidation, uniform composition, high dimensional accuracy



Resistance to corrosion


Abrasion resistance

Tensile strength

Light weight

Size Checking: 

aluminium tubes

Packages and delivery: 

Mill's package.jpg

aluminium tubes

aluminium tubes

If you are satisfied with our Aluminium Tubes 2024 7075 Manufacturers, please be free to place orders with our factory. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have many quality products for sale at your choice. Welcome to enjoy our competitive price and service.
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